Dr. Amara Enyia

Political Consultant and Strategist, Public Policy Expert

Dr. Amara Enyia is a Public Policy expert on city and state policy as well as international affairs/foreign policy with expertise in Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. She writes extensively on issues of education, economic development, fiscal policy, equity in policy, and systems thinking.

In addition to Bachelors degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science, Dr. Enyia holds a Masters degree in education, a law degree, and a PhD in Education Policy. She has worked as a grassroots organizer particularly around issues of education equity, economic justice and environmental justice. She has served as part of local and national efforts to diversify the economic ecosystem through educating, advocating and developing policy for cooperative economic models and financing tools that support cooperative enterprises. She also serves as a leading advocate for efforts to establish public banks in cities and states across the country. In addition to her public policy consulting work, Dr. Enyia is a political consultant and strategist.

She serves as a formal representative of the African Union in the Diaspora representing the 6th Region of the African Union Commission. She also serves on the boards of the Chicago Community Loan Fund, and the Global Strategists Association. She maintains proficiency in Igbo, Spanish, French and Portuguese and was named a Public Policy Global Leadership Fellow with the Global Strategists Association. Dr. Enyia serves as a regular commentator and contributor on policy and politics for various media outlets.