Eric V. Guichard

Founder & CEO - Homestrings, Inc., Board Member, African Union Diaspora Initiative

Mr. Eric Guichard is founder & CEO of Homestrings, Inc., a Diaspora investment advisory platform. Homestrings advises public, private and multilateral organizations on how to mobilize diaspora capital for investment into public and private projects.

Prior to Homestrings Eric was Founder and Chairman of GRAVITAS Capital, an institutional asset management company he created in 1996. Before his entrepreneurial stint, Eric was Portfolio Manager at the World Bank where he also served as technical adviser to sovereign and multilateral institutions worldwide.

Eric is a graduate of the University of Dakar, in Senegal; of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh; and of the Harvard Business School, where he earned his MBA (World Bank Scholar and Harvard Fellowship award.)

Eric serves on several non-profit boards, including: The AU – African Diaspora Health Initiative (AU – ADHI) Steering Executive Committee (Americas); The African Development Bank’s Steering Committee on Diaspora Investments; The International Organization on Migration Advisory Board on Diaspora Investments; and the University of Maryland’s Center for Financial Policy – an academic think tank on policy reform.

In 2013 Eric received “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” from London-based African Diaspora Awards for successfully launching In 2014, Homestrings Ltd received the “African Financier of the Year” Award from the Association of African-Owned Enterprises, UK.